INTRAPRENEURSHIP LOVE – Ciao Brazil – Hello France !



I am leaving Brazil… 😢 I feel really sad about it. And you know what ? I am pretty happy to be sad, because it means that I had an amazing time there !

I have never been that touched by a country and its culture : of course, I fall in love with the beauty of Ipanema, with Brazilian’s smiles and their amazing moto : “Tudo bem”
, and I loved more than any thing dancing samba in the streets !

But what touched me the most was the Intrapreneurs I met. They are so emotionnaly connected to the projects they built, it was fantastic to see so much generosity and sense of duty in their eyes. I feel really lucky.

You will soon be able to get to know the amazing work they are all doing to improve Brazilians’ well being. I can’t wait to share this with you guys !

And many thanks to the people who hosted me in Brazil, and/or made me discover the country. My stay in Brazil was perfect thanks to you, I am so greatful that you guys are now part of my life !

Next step : FRANCE. Let see what my country has for us 😍

Lots of love,

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