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I am back in Paris… I am very sad to announce the end of the Intrapreneurship Tour “Travels” chapter.

The Tour started five months ago, and I just didn’t see the time flying. I feel so happy, greatful and blessed to have lived such an adventure !

The Intrapreneurship Tour is a Life lesson.

First, because these last five months have been tough for our world…

I was in England during the pre-Brexit debates and conflicts : the victory of fear and prejudices over unity and trust ; I was in London during The Panama Papers scandal : the disapointment of a whole country seeing their political representatives betray the values they were supposed to defend ; I was in Brazil during Dilma’s impeachment : the beginning of the end for the Brazilian middle class and the renewal of violence in Rio’s streets ; I talked to SAP consultants, auditors and engineers in San Paolo who became Uber drivers because they couldn’t find a job ; I was in The States during the killing of two innocent black men by the police : the victory of hatred and of Trump’s America over Michelle Obama’s ; eventually, my country was touched by two awful terrorists attacks as a consequences of people’s lack of education about openess and Peace.

Thus, I have been through a terrible passage of our history.

I could have come back from the IntraTour overwhelmed, sad, and angry… Instead I am coming back smiling, the heart full of hopes, my feet on the ground and my head in the stars.

I have a lot of hope because I met during the Intrapreneurship Tour incredible intrapreneurs and changemakers  fighting everyday to make this world a better place. People who taught me that ALL of us can change the world, that we all have the power to act.

We are on the same boat and she is sinking. Let’s identify the issues that move us the most and let’s act to solve them. I promise this is not that hard.

It’s not anymore about talking or criticizing the way our world is ran, it is about ACTING..

I’ve introduced to you guys intrapreneurs who work on a daily basis to bring water in remote villages of Africa, to make the life of refugees a little smoother, to bring work in the Brazilian favelas… The good news? These intrapreneurs, are not “Heroes”. They don’t have super-powers, they are quite ordinary men and women who have simply decided to act. If THEY CAN, WE CAN. So Yallah!

I also have a lot of hope because in 5 months of travel… I have funded only two weeks of hotel 😀 Indeed, I had the chance to be hosted everywhere I went by relatives, friends of friends or even strangers met during my travels. It confirmed a hunch that I had in a long time: each of us is capable of generosity, love and openness…We just have to activate them by switching off TV, looking at others with empathy, and giving time to what really matters – to the others, to the world, to ourselves – in order to become people capable of the best.

So Yallah!

I have learnt much more but I don’t want to bother you too much, so I’ll finish by saying a huge THANK YOU.

Thank you to all the intrapreneurs I met, to all those who have hosted me and helped before and during the trip, to my loved ones for their support, to my sponsors for their trust, and to the universe for giving me the strength to build and to carry out this project.

And thank you readers!

Your likes, comments, shares and messages were real little joys that allowed me to keep going in difficult moments. Thank you!

The Intrapreneurship Tour « Travels » chapter is over, but the adventure is just beginning!

I still have a lot of intrapreneurs to introduce you 😀

I will therefore continue to post my videos and portraits of intrapreneurs from September (let’s have a little break in August, if that’s okay with you guys… I am French so in August… I disconnect 😀 ).

And I came back with lots of new projects in mind, I will tell you about it as soon as possible, I hope you’ll like them !

Lots of love, and I’ll see you soon !


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