Hi everyone!!!

I hope you are all doing great and that you had an amazing summer ! 😎☀️🌊

Finally, the INTRAPRENEURSHIP TOUR is back in business : articles, interviews, profiles of intrapreneurs… and, many more surprises will be published every week on our page! The goals? To give greater visibility to all the super-intrapreneurs I’ve met during my trip, democratize the key concepts of intrapreneurship and, why not, motivate you to become super-intrapreneurs yourself. 💪👏😍 I hope you’ll like it!

And today’s great news : the team welcomes a new member! I’m really happy to introduce you Leonore, a friend from business school. She smiles all the time, rides her bicycle everywhere she goes and is passionate about social business. Leo will be our new Community Manager. Welcome in the adventure Leo!

Kisses and see you soon

Soraya and Leonore


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