Humberto Sardenberg @Icatu

  • Name : Humberto Sardenberg
  • Company : Icatu
  • Location : Rio
  • Story : We would like to introduce you Humberto Sardenberg, the super-intrapreneur of life insurances. Soraya asked him about how he convicned his direction to let him create his start-up within Itau and what was the most important thing her learned during his journey.Today, most of the Brazilian people do not contract life insurance. Humberto strongly believes that it is a real problem, the culture of his country should shift and people should protect their future and their family much more than they do now.Day after day in his company, he tried to convince his colleagues and directors to let him work on the topic, to let him create a product that  would bring a shift in Brazilian mindsets regarding life insurances. And he did !!! 😀 For a few months now, he has been building his own dedicated start-up within the group   on a matter he feels so passionate about.
  • What I want to add : Life insurance ? ☹ Not my passion, AT ALL. Well, believe it or not, Humberto talked to me about this topic for 2 HOURS… and I didn’t want him to stop ! Humberto was so PASSIONATE about this topic, about his start-up, his work, his journey, that he contaminated me. His energy was so powerful, I left his home thinking that life insurances was the most amazing topic on earth ! 😀 Thank you Humberto, seeing your energy was one of the highlights of my trip !


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