Heiko Spitzeck



  • Name : Heiko Spitzeck
  • Company : Heiko wrote Social Intrapreneurship & All that Jazz (coooooool book !)
  • Location : San Paolo
  • Story : Heiko Spitzeck lives in Brazil and knows everyone and everything about intrapreneurship ! He did some research on the topic and now teaches as professor in top universities. He is also an active member of the League of Intrapreneurs.
  • What I want to add : I attended one of his lecture at the Yunus Corporate Think Tank of Sao Paulo. Well, let me tell you something… If Heiko could give a lecture in each of our universities, the answer of a whole generation of students to the question : “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”, would be : “In 5 years, I will be a social intrapreneur within a big company”.



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