Aparecida @Tribanco


  • Hero : Aparecida Teixeira de Morais
  • Company: Tribanco 
  • Location: Sao Paulo
  • Story : Aparecida Teixeira de Morais has built an amazing training program that aims to increase employees’ awareness on the importance of sustainable use of financial resources—for themselves and for Tribanco’s customers. This training has been such a success that it is now provided to most of the Tribanco’s employees. It helps shift Tribanco’s employees’ and customers’ mindsets to conscious consumption of money and credit. #DoIactuallyneedacredit? #HowcanIspendmymoneywisely?
  • What I wish to add : I feel so lucky I met Aparecida ! She is so calm and patient. When I met her, I felt that her intrapreneurial journey was complex. But she is also a strong and successful intrapreneur because she has an amazing capacity for understanding people’s needs and fears !



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