• Name : Fernando Valente
  • Company : L’Oréal
  • Location : Rio de Janeiro
  • Story : Fernando visited Rio’s favelas for weeks in order to figure out what would be the best way to build a strong and trustworthy relationship between L’Oréal and the communities living there.This journey has led him and his team to create a program of micro distribution of L’Oréal products that enables women who live in the favelas to become entrepreneurs distributing and selling L’Oreal products. An amazing new channel of distribution for the brand and a great way to create jobs and social impact !
  • What I want to add : Fernando explained me that although favelas belong to their day-to-day life, wealthy Brazilians never go there, they do not really know about people living in communities, they do not want to mix with them… This made me realize how strong it was to go beyond all prejudices, enter favelas and spend days there, without any clue about what he was going to find. This journey of true empathy and humility made him become a real social intrapreneur, a change maker !


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