Month: November 2016


  • Name : Charlotte Boulan
  • Company : Danone
  • Location : Sao Paulo
  • Story : Charlotte does not want me to say she in an intrapreneur, so let’s say she is a “wannabe intrapreneur” 😀 Charlotte works at Danone in Brazil, and builds projects that help the brand to create sustainable and positive impact on the communities living where the brand sources its products’ ingredients.
  • What I want to add : Charlotte is cool ! First, it was so funny to realize that we had friends in common in France even though we met through a Brazilian intrapreneur. Charlotte is an awesome example of what Millenials’ whishes are… She left comfortable France to live the adventure in Brazil, she is not working to make a career or money, but to drive positive change in the world, and she doesn’t make selfies with La City traders, she does it with Muhammad Yunus !  


  • Name : Ruy Barros
  • Company : Impact Hub
  • Location : San Paolo
  • Story : Ruy Barros is the director of IMPACT HUB in Sao Paolo and he leads a team of intrapreneurs. Everyone shares ideas with him and he then defends them in front of the executive comity of the Impact Hub. From refugees matters to favelas issues, Ruy is convinced that only people with intrapreneurs mindsets are able to tackle these issues concerns. Because their vision of the world is so different that they always come up with the most creative solutions.
  • What I want to add : If one of you guys some day has a crazy idea, I advise you to talk about it to Ruy. He will challenge you, he might be harsh with you but he will believe in you.






  • Name : Carolina Wosiack
  • Company : Innoscience
  • Location : Sao Paulo
  • Story : Carolina has built a project that aims to help low-income Peruvian living in places where they do not have access to medical assistance. She has set up new distribution channels in order to make these people -and more specifically those with cancer disease get access to the treatment they needed.
  • What I want to add :  When I first met Carolina, I thought I was in front of a tornado. She is very strong about the values, beliefs, and vision that drive her. When I left her house, I (told) thought to myself “Whatever this woman want to achieve, she will just make it happen”!



  • Name : Florencia Estrade
  • Company : The League of Intrapreneurs
  • Location : Rio
  • Story : Today we’d like to introduce you to Florencia is one of the co-founders of the League of Intrapreneurs. For years, she has also mentored intrapreneurs and build innovation programs for companies thourgh CriaGlobal, her own consultancy.
  • What I want to add : Florencia is charismatic, visionary, optimistic and pragmatic. The kind of person you want to have by your side because you have so much to learn from them. She is a real role model, and I wish you could all meet her one day !