• Name : Charlotte Boulan
  • Company : Danone
  • Location : Sao Paulo
  • Story : Charlotte does not want me to say she in an intrapreneur, so let’s say she is a “wannabe intrapreneur” 😀 Charlotte works at Danone in Brazil, and builds projects that help the brand to create sustainable and positive impact on the communities living where the brand sources its products’ ingredients.
  • What I want to add : Charlotte is cool ! First, it was so funny to realize that we had friends in common in France even though we met through a Brazilian intrapreneur. Charlotte is an awesome example of what Millenials’ whishes are… She left comfortable France to live the adventure in Brazil, she is not working to make a career or money, but to drive positive change in the world, and she doesn’t make selfies with La City traders, she does it with Muhammad Yunus !  

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