• Name : Carine Sit
  • Company : Pernod Ricard
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Carine is a stunning young woman who is in charge of Pernod Ricard internal accelerator. She helps intrapreneurs  transform their ideas into real business, on top of their day job. She is particularly insightful on intrapreneurship because she has been an intrapreneur herself in a consultancy and she is now mentoring intrapreneurs. Her program is at international level and has already proven success. For example, it recently gave birth to a new product launched by Pernod Ricard: Fine Cocktails.
  • What I want to add : At first, I was not sure that Carine fitted with the kind of people I wanted to meet and interview during the INtrapreneurship Tour, because she is not an IMPACT intrapreneur… Well, I am so happy I did it anyway ! Her intrapreneurial projects might not have external social or environmental impacts, but I am convinced that her energy and positiveness have a great and positive impact on the intrapreneurs she is helping. Making people happy in your company is kind of a social project, isn’t it ? 😀

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