• Name : Jean-Marc Guesné
  • Company : Ashoka
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Jean-Marc Guesné has been a successful social entrepreneur in Asia, where he created hundreds of jobs. He then became a social intrapreneur for the group Bel and he is now the director of Ashoka France. As an intrapreneur, he created a program for the group Bel called Bel Access. It is a new canal of distribution for the brand. Indeed he’s been providing to street vendors in Asia with Bel’s products. In exchange, these vendors have become micro-entrepreneurs and got access to micro-credit and micro-insurance.  
  • What I want to add : Jean-Marc Guesné, has done so many things in such a small amount of time that he made me realize everything is possible ! So yes guys, I will handle a job, my start-up, my studies and the Intrapreneurship Tour website, because if he did it, I can do it as well ! Thanks Jean-Marc for showing us all the way !

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