• Name . Lionel Bodin
  • Company: Accenture
  • Location: Paris
  • This week we introduce you to Lionel Bodin. He leads Accenture Development Partnerships in Europe, an amazing program within Accenture that allows high potential consultants to spend months working for organizations that address social, economic and environmental issues. This program helps consultants reconnect with their job by working on purpose-driven missions. Lionel is also the co-founder of the Intrapreneurs Lab (few month ago we met Milan Samani in London, the second co-founder )
  • What I want to add : Well, a big THANK YOU would not even be enough… He is the first person who really trusted me with the Intrapreneurship Tour. I met him at a conference in France, and explained him my project and how complex it was for me to find intrapreneurs around the globe. So he decided to write email to pretty much all the intrapreneurs he knew around the planet to introduce me and my project. I couldn’t have done the Intrapreneurship Tour without his help. I am so grateful I met such a generous and benevolent person when building the IntraTour. THANK YOU Lionel !

Soraya & Léonore


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