• Name : Michael V. Dandrieux
  • Company : Eranos
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Michael is a sociologist, and he has an amazing analysis of work transformation. He is the kind of person who answers the question “Why”. “Why intrapreneurship ?”, “Why are people seeking sense in their job ?”, “Why do we feel lost within major companies ?” He answers quoting Heideger and “La Charte d’Athènes”, and it all suddenly makes sense. Intrapreneurs… we are not crazy, we are the pioneers of a societal tendency that will grow bigger and bigger, we are driving a new way, we are shaping the future of work.
  • What I want to add : Michael Dandrieux is the first person I interviewed for the Intrapreneurship Tour. And I am only releasing his interview now because I wanted to include him in the French part of the Tour. So Michael, thank you for being an amazing story teller, and thank you for your incredible patience !  

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