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Taciana Abreu @NBS

Hi everyone !
This week I would like to introduce you Taciana Abreu, an amazing woman who worked at NBS, a Brazilian communication agency. As an intrepreneur, she convinced the agency’s leaders to create a start-up within the agency called Rio+Rio.
This start-up is specialized in communication campaigns that allow brands to communicate with people leaving in Brazilians slums while serving the interests of these communities.
For example Rio+Rio allowed 15 year old girls living in favelas to celebrate their birthday like real princess, by organizing these amazing birthday with three groups of people that usually do not communicate: a famous cosmetic brand, police officers and theses young girls’ mothers.
ITW online soon, stay tuned !
Lots of love from NYC et happy birthday to my beautiful best friend @Aida

Future is bright

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“S’il y a dans votre organisation des personnes qui ne se sentent pas libres de suggérer des idées, vous êtes perdants. Ne sous-estimez pas les idées qui proviennent de sources inattendues. L’inspiration peut, et doit, venir de partout”


Hi everyone !

Today, I am sharing an article by the beautiful Morgane Lombard about the future of work. We promise…. “C’était mieux après” (future is bright 😉 )

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Miriam Turner @Interface


Hi everyone !

This week, I would like to introduce you Miriam Turner a fantastic impact intrapreneur who works at Interface.

Miriam developed, for the carpet manufacturer , a program that “sources fishing nets from coastal areas, cleaning up oceans and beaches while creating financial opportunities for people in impoverished communities”, we can say that she kind of invented fair-trade for carpet !

If fair-trade can be created for coffee and carpets, we should all try to think how we could implement it in the industries we are working in.

ITW online soon, STAY TUNNED 😀

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