• Name : Eric Delobel
  • Company : Insiders
  • Location : France
  • Story : Eric belongs to the pioneers… He started working on the intrapreneurship topic seven years ago. As a consultant, he is mentoring and supporting intrapreneurs within major companies. For example, he has built an impressive intrapreneurial program for the group Happy Chic, one of the most advanced company on the matter according to me.
  • What I want to add: Meeting Eric was a very inspirational. He is so wise and has amazing thoughts on the future of work. I see him as a philosopher that happens to be a doer as well. An amazing mix which gives him the vision and the strength to make it become a reality. So inspiring !


  • Name : Michael V. Dandrieux
  • Company : Eranos
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Michael is a sociologist, and he has an amazing analysis of work transformation. He is the kind of person who answers the question “Why”. “Why intrapreneurship ?”, “Why are people seeking sense in their job ?”, “Why do we feel lost within major companies ?” He answers quoting Heideger and “La Charte d’Athènes”, and it all suddenly makes sense. Intrapreneurs… we are not crazy, we are the pioneers of a societal tendency that will grow bigger and bigger, we are driving a new way, we are shaping the future of work.
  • What I want to add : Michael Dandrieux is the first person I interviewed for the Intrapreneurship Tour. And I am only releasing his interview now because I wanted to include him in the French part of the Tour. So Michael, thank you for being an amazing story teller, and thank you for your incredible patience !  



  • Name : Jean-Marc Guesné
  • Company : Ashoka
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Jean-Marc Guesné has been a successful social entrepreneur in Asia, where he created hundreds of jobs. He then became a social intrapreneur for the group Bel and he is now the director of Ashoka France. As an intrapreneur, he created a program for the group Bel called Bel Access. It is a new canal of distribution for the brand. Indeed he’s been providing to street vendors in Asia with Bel’s products. In exchange, these vendors have become micro-entrepreneurs and got access to micro-credit and micro-insurance.  
  • What I want to add : Jean-Marc Guesné, has done so many things in such a small amount of time that he made me realize everything is possible ! So yes guys, I will handle a job, my start-up, my studies and the Intrapreneurship Tour website, because if he did it, I can do it as well ! Thanks Jean-Marc for showing us all the way !



  • Name : Marisa Pedrosa
  • Company : Danone
  • Location : Lyon
  • Story : Marisa created a program called “All actors”. It enables Danone employees working in some french factories to take some working time to share their experience with young people. A great initiative that gives pride to employees and is inspirational for young people.
  • What I want to add : what touched me with Marisa was that she struggled to say: I did this and that… Even though she was the initiator of this whole program, she was able to make her intrapreneurial adventure, a team adventure. When you listen to her, you feel that actually everyone in her team helped build the project. I guess this is what makes Marisa a great intrapreneur : she make everyone feel they are on board.


  • Name . Lionel Bodin
  • Company: Accenture
  • Location: Paris
  • This week we introduce you to Lionel Bodin. He leads Accenture Development Partnerships in Europe, an amazing program within Accenture that allows high potential consultants to spend months working for organizations that address social, economic and environmental issues. This program helps consultants reconnect with their job by working on purpose-driven missions. Lionel is also the co-founder of the Intrapreneurs Lab (few month ago we met Milan Samani in London, the second co-founder )
  • What I want to add : Well, a big THANK YOU would not even be enough… He is the first person who really trusted me with the Intrapreneurship Tour. I met him at a conference in France, and explained him my project and how complex it was for me to find intrapreneurs around the globe. So he decided to write email to pretty much all the intrapreneurs he knew around the planet to introduce me and my project. I couldn’t have done the Intrapreneurship Tour without his help. I am so grateful I met such a generous and benevolent person when building the IntraTour. THANK YOU Lionel !

Soraya & Léonore



  • Name : Carine Sit
  • Company : Pernod Ricard
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Carine is a stunning young woman who is in charge of Pernod Ricard internal accelerator. She helps intrapreneurs  transform their ideas into real business, on top of their day job. She is particularly insightful on intrapreneurship because she has been an intrapreneur herself in a consultancy and she is now mentoring intrapreneurs. Her program is at international level and has already proven success. For example, it recently gave birth to a new product launched by Pernod Ricard: Fine Cocktails.
  • What I want to add : At first, I was not sure that Carine fitted with the kind of people I wanted to meet and interview during the INtrapreneurship Tour, because she is not an IMPACT intrapreneur… Well, I am so happy I did it anyway ! Her intrapreneurial projects might not have external social or environmental impacts, but I am convinced that her energy and positiveness have a great and positive impact on the intrapreneurs she is helping. Making people happy in your company is kind of a social project, isn’t it ? 😀


  • Name : Martin Duval
  • Company : Bluenove
  • Location : Paris
  • Story : Martin Duval is the founder of Bluenove, an amazing consultancy and software company specialized in open innovation and collective intelligence. For him, Intrapreneurship is part of the whole movement that will make companies innovate more collaboratively.
  • What I want to add : Sometimes you meet people and you wish you could have spent more time with them because you feel you have so much to learn from them. That’s what happened to me when I met Martin.


  • Name : Charlotte Boulan
  • Company : Danone
  • Location : Sao Paulo
  • Story : Charlotte does not want me to say she in an intrapreneur, so let’s say she is a “wannabe intrapreneur” 😀 Charlotte works at Danone in Brazil, and builds projects that help the brand to create sustainable and positive impact on the communities living where the brand sources its products’ ingredients.
  • What I want to add : Charlotte is cool ! First, it was so funny to realize that we had friends in common in France even though we met through a Brazilian intrapreneur. Charlotte is an awesome example of what Millenials’ whishes are… She left comfortable France to live the adventure in Brazil, she is not working to make a career or money, but to drive positive change in the world, and she doesn’t make selfies with La City traders, she does it with Muhammad Yunus !  


  • Name : Ruy Barros
  • Company : Impact Hub
  • Location : San Paolo
  • Story : Ruy Barros is the director of IMPACT HUB in Sao Paolo and he leads a team of intrapreneurs. Everyone shares ideas with him and he then defends them in front of the executive comity of the Impact Hub. From refugees matters to favelas issues, Ruy is convinced that only people with intrapreneurs mindsets are able to tackle these issues concerns. Because their vision of the world is so different that they always come up with the most creative solutions.
  • What I want to add : If one of you guys some day has a crazy idea, I advise you to talk about it to Ruy. He will challenge you, he might be harsh with you but he will believe in you.






  • Name : Carolina Wosiack
  • Company : Innoscience
  • Location : Sao Paulo
  • Story : Carolina has built a project that aims to help low-income Peruvian living in places where they do not have access to medical assistance. She has set up new distribution channels in order to make these people -and more specifically those with cancer disease get access to the treatment they needed.
  • What I want to add :  When I first met Carolina, I thought I was in front of a tornado. She is very strong about the values, beliefs, and vision that drive her. When I left her house, I (told) thought to myself “Whatever this woman want to achieve, she will just make it happen”!