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Hi everyone!!!

I hope you are all doing great and that you had an amazing summer ! 😎☀️🌊

Finally, the INTRAPRENEURSHIP TOUR is back in business : articles, interviews, profiles of intrapreneurs… and, many more surprises will be published every week on our page! The goals? To give greater visibility to all the super-intrapreneurs I’ve met during my trip, democratize the key concepts of intrapreneurship and, why not, motivate you to become super-intrapreneurs yourself. 💪👏😍 I hope you’ll like it!

And today’s great news : the team welcomes a new member! I’m really happy to introduce you Leonore, a friend from business school. She smiles all the time, rides her bicycle everywhere she goes and is passionate about social business. Leo will be our new Community Manager. Welcome in the adventure Leo!

Kisses and see you soon

Soraya and Leonore


The END ?

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I am back in Paris… I am very sad to announce the end of the Intrapreneurship Tour “Travels” chapter.

The Tour started five months ago, and I just didn’t see the time flying. I feel so happy, greatful and blessed to have lived such an adventure !

The Intrapreneurship Tour is a Life lesson.

Love from BKLN <3


Hi everyone !

I can’t believe that the Intrapreneurship Tour, is almost done 🙁 Time is flying… I am going back home (France) on Monday. I am so sad to leave NYC. I am literally IN LOVE with this city (and its intrapreneurs :D). But I am really excited as well to start working on the step 2 of the Intrapreneurship Tour.

Lots of love from Brooklyn !



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Washington has been amazing !!! Especially because the person who hosted me, Rosario Londoño, is an amazing “systempreneur” who touched me and inspired me so much ! Thank you Rosario, you are the kind of woman and mother I hope I will become one day !

Nooooow, I have changed my plans à little bit. I was supposed to go to NYC, but instead, I am going to Detroit to join Christian Vanizette from MakeSense, and go to a 3 days conference, Points of Light. I can’t wait to be there !!! 😍😍😍😍
I will go to NYC on thursday  😍

And because I am a little broke at the moment, I am taking the bus to go to Detroit and come back. It’s a 24hours trip… 😭 So good luck to me ! 👌💪😃

I wont’ be able to post during the trip but I promess I’ll come back to you guys as soon as I am in Detroit !

Lots of love !


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I AM SOOO EXCITED !! Ciao France, Hello the States !!

Hi everyone !

I Have two fantastic news today…
The first one : Sobizhub, an amazing network of French entrepreneurs decided to sponsor the Intrapreneurship Tour. Thank you so much to these amazing people who are working everyday to make business with purpose, I am very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to work with you guys !

Second news : I am on my way to the last stop of the Tour… The STATES : Washington, Boston, New-York… Let’s see what you have got for us !!

Lots of love !
Soraya Koutovski