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This world is mad… Let’s build a new one

Capture d’écran 2016-06-13 à 10.38.23Orlando, Shangaï, Beyrouth… Yesterday was one of those day I feel our world is getting crazy, I shed a tear and then I open any book written by Amin Maalouf to try to find some wisdom, love and peace. I wanted to share one of his quotes with you : « When men’s minds seem narrow to you, remember that the world is broad… Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all creeds… ». It comes from Léon L’Africain, a piece of happiness that makes you feel peaceful in a world that goes so fast that it loses its mind. It is about a man who understood, that he does not belong to a country, a community or a religion ; a man who considers the planet as his home, love as his religion, and anyone as family.

We can make this world a better place. We all have a role to play, ask yourself which one is yours…



INTRAPRENEURSHIP LOVE – Ciao Brazil – Hello France !



I am leaving Brazil… 😢 I feel really sad about it. And you know what ? I am pretty happy to be sad, because it means that I had an amazing time there !

I have never been that touched by a country and its culture : of course, I fall in love with the beauty of Ipanema, with Brazilian’s smiles and their amazing moto : “Tudo bem”
, and I loved more than any thing dancing samba in the streets !

But what touched me the most was the Intrapreneurs I met. They are so emotionnaly connected to the projects they built, it was fantastic to see so much generosity and sense of duty in their eyes. I feel really lucky.

You will soon be able to get to know the amazing work they are all doing to improve Brazilians’ well being. I can’t wait to share this with you guys !

And many thanks to the people who hosted me in Brazil, and/or made me discover the country. My stay in Brazil was perfect thanks to you, I am so greatful that you guys are now part of my life !

Next step : FRANCE. Let see what my country has for us 😍

Lots of love,

Friends @Sao Paolo










Hi everyone !!

I want to introduce you to Julia, a dear friend of mine who will spend a week with me in Sao Paolo. It is going to be great to have someone to help me here , she will come to most of the interviews with me and hopefully, she will write an article about her vision of the adventure. The funny part of it is that Julia is working in finance, and knows nothing about Intrapreneurship or social business. Let’s bet that at the end of the week, she will become an Intrapreneurship Addict !!! 😀