Hello everyone ! I am Soraya Ferahtia, a 23-year-old French student at Neoma BS Reims campus. During my gap year, I created the first Intrapreneurship World Tour ! The last few years I have been living, studying and working in Paris, London, Edinburgh and Santiago de Chile, unique experiences that made me want to… travel again ! I am very enthusiastic, fascinated by social entrepreneurship and convinced that companies must be reshaped to progress toward more sustainable models. My interest for impact intrapreneurship began during an internship at Yves Rocher where I led a mission of impact intrapreneurship. A wonderful experience full of surprises, challenges and sometimes disappointments, that confronted me with few questions : who are the social intrapreneurs ? How to identify them ? How to empower them ? What future for this pioneers movement ? That's why I built this project in which I put all my heart (and my social life… RIP), on the way to an unknown destination… the change-makers' one. On this website, I am giving voice to the impact intrapreneurs I meet with one objective : inspire you and -I hope so !- create vocations to add impact to this movement. On the “ blog “ page, I tell you all about my adventures, laughs and pains. So follow me now !!

"Don't ask where the road goes. Focus on the first step. It is the most difficult to make." Elif Shafaak

My missions

Meeting social intrapreneurs around the world… UK, Brazil, the USA, the Netherlands and France

Inspire and create vocations

Show you that you can do it

Document this pioneer movement

Create meetings and encourage synergies between social intrapreneurs I will meet

Team <3


Lisa Valencien

LISA VALENCIEN, is an amazing young woman who reads all my articles and offers me her feedback. Thank you so much for your support, patience and friendship !



Gabrielle Bouchex

Gabrielle helped me to build the website and is still working to improve it. Thank you so much for your skills, your tirme, your kindness ! You are an amazing friend !  



Léonore Tarpin

Since october, Léo is our community manager ! She is doing a great job realeasing my articles, and videos etc. on social networks every day. THANK YOU Léo, your work and smiles are very precious to me !


Sponsors & supports

YVES ROCHER, BONDUELLE AND FR PARTICIPATIONS are three awesome french companies, which fund the Intrapreneurship Tour… Thank you so much for your trust, the Intrapreneurship Tour would not have been possible without your help ! Thousand of thanks ! Many thanks to the INTRAPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE and to the LEAGUE OF INTRAPRENEURS for helping me find amazing social intrapreneurs to interview around the world !










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